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Human Trafficking In The Netherlands Declines

Posted on: September 2, 2016

Human Trafficking in the Netherlands

Eighteen Percent Reduction In Cases Of Human Trafficking In the Netherlands The number of declarations on victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands has declined substantially last year in comparison with the prior year. In 2015 a total of 1.321 possible cases of human trafficking were reported to the police, compared with 1.561 cases the year before. […]

New Amsterdam Cannabis Law Enforced By Judge

Posted on: September 1, 2016

New Amsterdam Cannabis Law Enforced By Dutch Judge

Dutch Coffee Shop History – A Brief Introduction In Holland, “coffee shops” are stores where the sale and use of cannabis for personal consumption is tolerated by the Dutch authorities. The first coffee shop – not be confused with cafes of coffee houses – in Amsterdam was founded in 1972 by Wernard Bruining in a squatted bakery shop. It […]

New Dutch Prostitution Law Expected In 2017

Posted on: August 30, 2016

New Dutch Prostitution Law Expected In 2017

New Dutch Prostitution Law Will Impact Home Sex Workers A new Dutch prostitution law still has to be voted on in the senate but it could have big consequences for the industry as a whole when implemented. The Dutch senate is expected to vote yes in autumn 2016 with the law being implemented not too shortly after […]

Over The Edge Swing on A’DAM Tower

Posted on: August 22, 2016

Over The Edge Swing in Amsterdam

New Over The Edge Swing Thrill Ride In Amsterdam Amsterdam now boasts Europe’s highest over the edge swing. The over the edge swing let’s you swing over the edge (what’s in a name) of the one hundred meter high Lookout! Observation Deck situated on top of the A’DAM Toren (tower). Last week the over the […]

This Is What Amsterdam Looked Like in 1951

Posted on: August 17, 2016

Amsterdam in Pictures: Leidse Square

10x Amsterdam in Pictures: 66 Years Ago The picture above shows two American soldiers on a tandem bicycle 6 years after the end of WWII. It was taken on 6 September 1951 at Leidse Square – next to the city theatre. The front soldier had a single yellow chevron on his left sleeve, meaning he was […]

Pokemon in The Red Light District

Posted on: July 14, 2016

Pokemon in Amsterdam Red Light District

News: Pokemon in the Red Light District of Amsterdam Some while ago we toured around in the old city centre and we spotted Pokemon in the Red Light District of Amsterdam! Matt – our local guide – found out there are some PokeStops (things where you can find Pokemon items) at an infamous erotic theater. This place is 47 years […]

Here’s What It’s Like to Be A Window Brothel Owner in Amsterdam

Posted on: July 8, 2016

Amsterdam Window Brothel Owner

Window Brothel Owner Tells Her Story Retired window brothel owner Tonia Hermans (67) was recently interviewed by the Dutch regional newspaper De Gooi en Eemlander. What follows are some quotes and key takeaways from that interview to give you an impression of the life of a window brothel owner in the Amsterdam Red Light District. A […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Netherlands

Posted on: June 30, 2016

10 Fun Facts About Holland

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Netherlands The Netherlands is a beautiful country that is known for its windmills, tulip fields, red light district, amazing architecture, cannabis and whatnot. But there are many things about the Netherlands that you probably didn’t know about. Here are 10 facts that may have some scratching their heads. […]

10 Tips For The Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade 2016

Posted on: June 18, 2016

10 Tips For The Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade 2016

Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade 2016: Tips From A Local From the 23rd of July till the 7th of August the Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade 2016  will once again display all the splendour of the Dutch (and international) gay scene in the heart of the old city. The Pride lasts for a total of 16 days. […]

Chris Brown Arrested By Police In The Red light District

Posted on: June 11, 2016

Amsterdam police in the Red Light District caught Chris Brown

World Famous Singer Arrested By Police In The Red light District Yesterday, police in the Red Light District arrested American R&B singer Chris Brown. He was driving a dirt bike without a license plate next to the canals and the window brothels. Chris Brown Set To Perform in Holland’s Capital Brown is set to perform in […]