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The front of Amterdam's Chinese temple

Chinese Temple Amsterdam

Chinese temple Amsterdam

Chinese Temple Amsterdam entrance

Chinese Temple Amsterdam – or “Fo Guang Shan He Hua Temple” – is the biggest Chinese temple of the I.B.P.S. in Europe that is built in a traditional style. It is part of a world-wide Chionese Buddhist organization, the I.B.P.S, which was founded by Vernerable Master Hsing Yun, with a head monastery in Taiwan called the FO Guang Shan Monestery. Read more about the history of this beautiful Chinese Temple Amsterdam, by clicking here.

The organization has smaller temples in many lager European cities as well as monasteries and training centres in the United States, South Africa and Australia. Although the emphasis is mainly on religious activities, Chinese Temple Amsterdam also fulfills an important cultural role for the Chinese community in Holland and especially in Amsterdam.

Activities Chinese Temple Amsterdam

Every Sunday, from 10.30 a.m. onwards, there is a Sutra recitation in the traditional Chinese way. Sutras are the sayings of the Buddha that have been committed to writing. Everyone who’s interested, is welcome to attend the recitation. Courses in Buddhism and Chinese are also given, both for Chinese as well as Dutch speakers.

Every year in May the birth of the Buddha is celebrated on the Nieuwmarkt.

Chinese Temple Amsterdam interior

Interior Chinese Temple Amsterdam

In the center of the main hall of the temple there is an image of Avalokitesvara, known as Guan Yin Boddisattva in Chinese. Her name means “the wise one full of compassion who perceives everything. She sees with her thousands eyes, one in each had, all the suffering in the world and offers help to all living beings in pain. Her thousand hands symbolize her powers to save all living beings.

 Chinese Temple Amsterdam inside

On each side of Guan Yin, there are images of Wei Tuo and Qie-Lan, two protectors of Buddhist teachings. On the walls of the hall several tablets with the images of Guan Yin can be seen. The repetition and the large number of these tablets signify that the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha can be found everywhere.

Chinese Temple Amsterdam tour

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Chinese Temple Amsterdam Red Light District
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