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Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

Posted on: May 22, 2014

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

An one of a kind museum, the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

Anyone who comes to Amsterdam, whether they be lovers of all things green or not, should consider taking the opportunity to visit the famous Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in the heart of  The Red Light District. The museum provides everything you could even want to know about the cannabis plant and its uses through the ages… Simple exhibits cover dope botany and the relationship between cannabis and religion. Highlights include an interactive vaporizer exhibit, an impressive pipe collection and a kiosk where you can create a digital postcard of yourself in a cannabis field.

An entrance ticket for Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum will cost you 9 Euros (11 Dollar).

Amsterdam's Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum in the Red Light District


Have you been to the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum already? Let the world know how it was by sharing your experience in the comment section below.

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