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History, Hookers & Hashish
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Amsterdam Red Light District


Our Amsterdam Red Light District Tours are chosen by Fox News & Yahoo as one of the 8 wackiest and weirdest tours around the world!

Explore the legendary Red Light District with all it’s mysteries with the comfort and safety of a local guide. Our local guides are Dutch themselves and speak English, so they can tell you everything about Amsterdam and the Red Light District.

It’s fun, interesting, healthy and exciting!

Our Dutch guides will show you the prostitutes behind the windows, the world’s first  condom shop, the narrow alleys, The Old Church, hidden street art,  (famous) cannabis coffee shops, an erotic theatre, Chinatown, a peep show and other awesome things!

Check out our low priced tour offers and book the tour which fits your preferences best!

History, Hookers and Hashish… Our local guides have an awesome tour for you in Amsterdam’s Red Light District!

Red Light District Tour with a local guide

Explore Amsterdam’s underbelly during a Red Light District tour with a local guide. Our knowledgeable local guide will show you all of the things that make this district one you’ll never forget! Including all the secrets and hidden spots that tourists never get to see.

Red Light District Tour with a local guide.

Tour Highlights

During this Red Light District tour you will explore the following things with a local guide:

  • World’s first condom shop
  • Sex shops
  • Peep show
  • Cannabis coffeeshops
  • The Old Church
  • Hidden art
  • Prostitutes
  • Narrowest alleys in Amsterdam
  • The Hangover Information Center
  • Casa Rosso
  • Chinatown

– Meeting point: Dam Square, 2 meters in front of the white Monument.
– Every day
– Start:  9 PM
– Languages: English & Dutch available
– Duration: 1.5 hours

An online booking is required.



Customer reviews:
I had the opportunity to tour with Jan and found him to be very friendly and attentive. Instead of a scripted tour, it felt like a fun night out with a friend with good knowledge about his own backyard. I have learnt a great deal about Amsterdam, much more than the typical sightseeing would offer.”

“This tour is full of fascinating facts! I joined this tour 2 weeks ago and it was awesome! Even though I’m Dutch, I didn’t know many things of the Red Light District. Our tour guide learned me many things. He also showed us secret alleys and restaurants, which was really cool. Thanks guys!”

1.5 hours

Exclusive Red Light District Tour with a local guide

Take a walk on an exclusive Red Light District Tour. Our local guide will show you and a few others around in the most fascinating area of Amsterdam. In this tour only 8 people will join, max. So a nice, small group. We’ll show you the best, hidden places that people never see. Everything in your own pass.

Amsterdam Exclusive Private Red Light District Tour

Tour Highlights

Fox News listed us as one of 8 weird and wacky tours around the world!

During the Exclusive Red Light District Tour you will see the following things with a local guide:

  • World’s first condom shop
  • Cannabis Coffeeshops
  • Old Church
  • Hidden art
  • Prostitutes
  • Public hallway with prostitutes
  • Arcade/ game cafe
  • Narrowest alley in Amsterdam
  • Museum of Prostitution
  • The Hangover Information Center
  • Beautiful Dutch architecture
  • Sex Palace Peep Show
  • New Market & The Waag
  • Chinatown
  • Biggest Chinese Temple of Europe
  • And much more…

– Meeting point: Dam Square, in front of the National Monument.
– Minimum attendees: 2
– Maximum attendees: 8
– Every day
– Start: 7.15 PM
– Languages: English, Dutch and Spanish available (please send us an email for Dutch or Spanish tours)
– Duration: 1.5 hours

An online booking is required.



Customer reviews:
I truly recommend walking tour around Red Light District! Our guide gave us a great insight to the history of the place and showed the highlights of the area that might have not been spotted out by regular tourist.

“Thought it was a very informative tour and good value (for the cost). We learnt a lot about this interesting city. Plus we were given a great recommendation for a restaurant in the red light district which we visited after the tour.”

1.5 hours

Meet the Twin Prostitutes in Amsterdam

Join this exclusive Red Light District Tour and meet Holland’s most famous twin prostitutes in Amsterdam. Most locals know them as the “The Old Hookers” (or in Dutch: De Ouwe Hoeren). This is how the twins named themselves. Their real names are Martine & Louise Fokkens. These Dutch twin prostitutes are now 74 years old & have worked in Red Light District for 50 years!

Red Light District Tour with Twin Prostitutes & Local Guide

They’ve recently retired and would like share their fascinating stories with you. During this tour, we’ll walk through the Red Light District and explore all the best hidden places. After that you’ll meet & greet the most famous twin prostitutes. Take a picture with them and ask them anything you like.

Meet the Twin Prostitutes in Amsterdam: Meet the Fokkens Tour - Martine & Louise (Ouwe Hoeren)


Tour Highlights

During the unique tour you will see the following things with a local Dutch guide & the famous twin prostitutes:

  • The first condom shop in the world
  • Oldest building of Amsterdam
  • Cannabis Coffeeshops
  • Hidden street art
  • Sex workers
  • Hangover Information Center
  • Magic Mushrooms Shop
  • Secret alleys
  • Peep show
  • Window brothels


  • Meet & Greet the Fokkens – The Famous Twin Prostitutes
  • Free drink

– Minimum attendees: 8
– Saturday’s and Sunday’s
– Start: 4 PM & 7.30 PM
– Languages: English and Dutch available
– Duration: 2 hours

An online booking is required.



Customer review:
“We took a tour of the red light district and met the lovely twins “The Fokkens”….We met our guide on dam square and went into the red light district, stopped off in a few tourist spots, seen some of the girls working and had a history lesson from Young, after this we went to the dolls museum which was strange but good fun. A few glasses of wine & a good natter plus photos with the twins we headed off to enjoy the rest of the night. Great if your looking for an activity for a hen party.”

2 hours

Amsterdam Police Tour

Amsterdam Police Tour in Red Light District

Join our exclusive Amsterdam Police Tour through the Red Light District and let a former police officer show you what it was like in the 1980’s. He’ll tell you original stories, show you rare photos & present matching highlights while you walk his former patrol route in the infamous Red Light District.

Between the 1970’s and 1990’s, the notorious Red Light District was characterised by drugs, robberies, illegal gambling, prostitution, but also solidarity, team spirit and sociability among the Red Light District Police & residents. A time that is now difficult to imagine as has become a safe, urban hotspot of Amsterdam.

Red Light District Police Tour Former Cop
Piet Middelkoop, former cop, tells the nitty-gritty details of police work, prostitution, drugs, gambling & corruption, but also camaraderie in the 1980’s.

CLICK HERE for more details about Piet and this special Amsterdam Police Tour.

Tour Highlights

  • The former ghetto (now safe urban hotspot)
  • Old police station
  • Main streets of the red light district
  • Window brothels
  • Locations for undercover operations
  • The former house of Amsterdam’s kingpin
  • Money laundering station
  • Escape routes
  • Spots where career criminals operated
  • Chinatown
  • Casa Rosso – erotic theater
  • Banana Bar

This Amsterdam Police Tour is super exciting, interesting, and really fun!

2 hours

Red Light District Tour And Free Wine in a Secret Wine Cellar

Combine your visit to Amsterdam with a tour on the Red Light District and a visit to the best secret wine cellar in town. First you’ll be shown around by a local guide in Amsterdam’s most fascinating district – he’ll teach you everything you need to know and show you the best places that people never see. After the tour you will brought to one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets where you can relax with a delicious glass of wine in the old city centre.  A hidden gem just next to Dam Square. Our favorite!


Tour Highlights


  • Red Light District Walking Tour (1.5 hours)
  • Visit to amazing hidden wine cellar
  • 1 Free glass of wine
  • Choose between red, white or rose

– Meeting point: Dam Square, 2 meters in front of the National Monument
– Fridays and Saturdays
– Languages: English, Dutch and Spanish available
(please send us an email for Dutch or Spanish tours)

2 hours

Amsterdam Poi Workshop

Amsterdam Poi Workshop in Vondel Park

Poi is a form of (fire)dance, where weights on the ends of tethers are swung through rhythmical patterns. Our unique poi workshop will get you connected with  this awesome modern flow art. Martijn is one of the best poi spinners in the Netherlands! He’ll teach you how to play poi. Martijn will share his secret skills and knowledge with you during this 1.5 hour Amsterdam Poi Workshop. Afterwards – if disciplines trained well – you could get your chance to spin with a set of fire poi, like a true Poi Master.

Amsterdam Poi Workshop

Tour Highlights

Amsterdam Poi Workshop in Vondelpark

  • Poi-play experience
  • Walkabout with local guide through the best park of Amsterdam
  • Lunch at the Blue Tea House
  • Experience how Amsterdammers enjoy their summers
  • Learn some Dutch words from Martijn – your local guide


  • Free set of practise Poi
  • Lunch: sandwiches
  • Coffee/thee, juices or champagne
  • Original Amsterdam Incense

– Available: Between May and September
– Meeting point: Leidse Square
– Languages: English & Dutch

An online booking is required.


3 hours

Amsterdam Hangover Tour

Book the Amsterdam Hangover Tour and we’ll make sure it’s gonna be legendary! Get the wolf pack together, because we’ll be looking for booze and strippers in the Red Light District.

(Roofies not included)

Amsterdam Hangover Tour

Tour Highlights

During this awesome Amsterdam Hangover Tour you’ll get to experience the following things:

  • Condom shop
  • Prostitutes
  • Hangover Information Center
  • Narrowest alley of Amsterdam
  • Smart shop
  • Cafe Old Sailor
  • Museum of Prostitution
  • Cannabis Coffeeshop
  • Strip club


– Free entrance ticket to Museum of Prostitution
– 1 bottle of RESET from the Hangover Information Center
– One free drink at Cafe Old Sailor
– Free entrance to a secret strip club & a free drink

An online booking is required.



– Meeting point: Dam Square, National Monument
– Friday’s & Saturday’s
– Start: 9.15 PM
– Minimum attendees: 4

2.5 hours

Amsterdam Bungee Jumping

Take this exhilarating 50 meters (164ft) bungee jump with the majestic backdrop of Amsterdam’s skyline behind you! Experience the awesome rush of the freefall as you plummet towards the ground, followed by an amazing swing above the former harbor in Amsterdam.

Bungee Jumping Amsterdam

Tour Highlights


  • Instructions
  • Stunning view over Amsterdam
  • Unforgettable experience

An online booking is required.



– Meeting point: North Amsterdam, NDSM area, Feralda Crane Hotel
– Friday’s & Saturday’s
– (Unfortunately, there won’t be any bungee jumps available between October 2015 and March 2016)

More details: CLICK HERE

60 hours